The Whitespace manufacturing facility is based at ADE, who are located in the centre of the UK. Their premises are in West Yorkshire and accommodate their head office, manufacturing and fabrication facility, warehouse and test area.

The impressive, fully-equipped 8360 square metre factory contains all the equipment, machinery and expert knowledge needed to create the best possible solutions for our customers. Next to this are fourteen cutting, welding and construction bays, each large enough for up to two 45-foot ISO containers. Most of the fabrication takes place in the bay areas including all acoustic container and canopy work.

Adjacent to the fabrication area are two spray areas where our custom finishing takes place.


The facility includes 16 fabrication bays, six electrical bays and two paint bays, each of which is capable of accommodating 4m x 15m enclosures. The construction bays are large enough for up to two 45-foot ISO containers. This allows work on multiple large-scale projects simultaneously while still offering the best possible lead times.

ADE are capable of and have successfully fulfiled high-volume and demanding projects for a range of clients, including those in the railway, renewable energies and petrochemical industries, as well as hospitals, prisons, datacentres, banks, supermarkets and many more.

The ADE workforce is highly skilled and personnel are constantly in training to refine and perfect their techniques and to ensure they are fully compliant with the latest standards and most up-to-date procedures.

Working with ADE we benefit from impressive manufacturing facilities and expertise, receiving top levels of customer service from start to finish - from your first contact to the completion of your project. All jobs are assigned a dedicated project manager so you will always have a singe point of contact for any queries you may have. Your project manager will be present on site to oversee all delivery and installation of equipment and you will then be passed over to our servicing and maintenance team, who operate across the country 365 days a year to ensure that your project is always up and running.

With Whitespace and ADE you can have complete confidence in your modular datacentre build, equipment and know that you will always be constantly and fully supported.

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