A New Generation in Modular Datacentre Technology

The Whitespace Modular Datacentre is an elegant solution to meet the current needs of Edge Computing, IoT, developing networks such as 5G, the ever-increasing Cloud demand and easily-expandable distributed connectivity.

We can offer you:
  • fully flexible whitespace from 35 square meters
  • fully flexible critical cooling and power capacity 50-250kW
  • 1500-7000 W/square metre, 1kW-20kW per rack
  • ASHRAE extended environmental range 9.9 18-27 degree Centigrade, 20-80% relative humidity
  • co-location Tier 2 design
  • fully resilient Tier 3 design concurrently maintainable and no single point of failure
  • global industry recognised UPS/Generator and PDU power train
  • innovative indirect fresh air or adiabatic or DX cooling system
  • PUE: 1.2
  • fire, HSSD and gas suppression
  • production line manufacturing techniques for a consistently high quality product, speed of build and delivery
  • easy to operate, maintain, plug-in-and-go methodology
  • ideal for those limited space applications
  • sustainable and efficient.

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the Whitespace Modular Datacentre is, contact us now on
+44 (0)203 318 3260 or email us at info@whitespace.technology


For nearly 20 years ADE have supplied diesel generators for stand-by operation, emergency backup power and prime power operation. With a large stock of diesel generators from 11 to 3300kVA, we specialise in the acoustic treatment and containerisation of medium-to-high power silenced and weatherproof generator systems.

DATACENTRE.ME provides key industry information such as daily news, press releases and updates, who you can partner/network with, buy from, sell to, which events, webinars and training courses to attend and even which key reports and publications to read. All this in addition to a speciallist recruitment facility.

Future Facilities are passionate about datacentre simulation, with a simple mission: to ensure every datacentre can be a model datacentre. One where risk is mitigated and energy efficiency maximised � while both capital and operational costs are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Our senior team boasts several acknowledged experts in the design and application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for the datacenter industry.

Our suite of integrated software products - 6SigmaDC � tackles head-on the challenges of datacentre lifecycle engineering through the Virtual Facility (VF).

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